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How To Spruce Up An Old Swimsuit

Simple and stylish ways to make an old swimsuit new again.

Grown Up Summer Bucket List

Summer shouldn’t just be about the kids. Let’s talk about a To-Do list that you’ll love accomplishing!

How To Live Beautifully #LiveBeautifully

osho beauty quote

How I choose to live beautifully and you can too. It’s easier than you think.

What I Wore: Pinspiration, Outfit Tips, and Breastfeeding Tricks!

dailyoutfit charmedvalerie mom style

Today I was really feeling inspired to get dressed and ready to rock some of the inspiration I have been getting via Pinterest (can you tell that I am totally addicted?!). Almost everything I’m wearing has been worn and posted here before but not quite like this…hopefully this little remix will be especially useful for…

Pin This: the 1.7 Million Viewed Woman on Pinterest and Polyvore

Stacy Gustin creator of popular pinterest outfits millions of views

This stay at home mom of 3 is the creator of the most popular outfits on Pinterest and Polyvore.

A Confession and Outfit Inspiration via Pinterest

Screen shot 2012-03-05 at 2.34.33 AM

Alrighty.  These days my daily outfits consist mostly of yoga pants….yoga pants that have never done a single downward dog or warrior pose but whatever–it’s just a phase and I get dressed up when I need to. Thanks to Pinterest, I can still stay on top of my stylish pursuits virtually and plan outfits for…

Pinterest-ing Decor Ideas

This weekend my husband played (and took second place) in an annual tennis tournament at The Lakes Tennis Academy in Frisco, TX.  The Lakes just happens to be one of my favorite tennis watching venues and also just happens to have the most amazing little (not-just-tennis-stuff) boutique.  This knit crocheted headband seen here and here…

What I Wore: Let’s Celebrate Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today, I am soaking up the love of all of my boys while simultaneously sporting this “tired mom yet trying to be stylish and comfortable” look.   It works for going back and forth to preschool (please excuse my tummy pudge, I’m out of practice when it comes to sucking in).  The…

Natural Hair and the Hair I Wear. My Hair Story.

Me. Natural Hair and the hair I wear.

I may write/vlog a lot about beauty, but there are absolutely no “beauty secrets” here. I am the first to admit to wearing fake eyelashes, make-up, push-up bras, spanx, tummy controlling shirts, figure flattering clothes, and hair weave. One of the things I love about the Internet, YouTube, and blogs is that I can finally…

What I Wore: featuring my favorite new boots

***Many websites and blogs are blacked out today in protest of the SOPA/PIPA bill.  If I had any clue how to black out my blog without deleting important stuff, I would but I’ve been gone most of the day anyhow.  If you are a lover of the beautifully creative internet community and want to protect…

On Losing (and Loving) The Baby Weight…

Baby weight.  Last I mentioned here, I had just bought some “fat pants” so I could maintain some sense of style and not feel intense amounts of pressure about trying to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I’m not sure exactly how much weight I gained during this pregnancy (at some point I stopped stepping on…

6 Pinterest Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 9.07.51 AM

Here’s some Monday morning fashion inspiration via Pinterest/Polyvore.  I chose these 6 outfits because I was looking for things that were mom-friendly, casual, and wearable.  In all honesty–I was in need of inspiration myself now that the holidays are over, I have a few new pieces or my own/that fit, and we’re getting back into…

Back To Preschool

My little guy’s first day preschool 2010 It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to send my little guy back to preschool after such a wonderfully lazy summer.  He’s 3 and headed to his regular preschool program but it’s sort of bittersweet because it was our last summer with just me and him.  We’re…

“Pinned” and Babbled Last Week

Interesting fashion, style, and beauty finds that I “pinned” on Pinterest and posts I wrote for Being Pregnant blog on last week.

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