Policy On Sending Stuff

Thank you for your interest and for checking out my blog!

If you are interested in sending me stuff for you should know:

  • I love my blog and cherish it’s readers and the trust in which they’ve placed in me and my opinions. There is honestly nothing worth more than that to me.
  • If you are interested in sending me a product for review, contact me and I will let you know ahead of time if it’s something I’m interested in reviewing so you can decide whether or not you want to send it. I am highly likely to want to review things that are affordable, unique, stylish, and/or totally life-changing and amazing. I probably don’t want to review something that I have to return but I do make exceptions for things like cars and services where consumers normally return the item (and you make it really easy to send back). Reviews are always objective.
  • All features on my blog are editorial. Sending me something is no guarantee for a featured post on my blog.
  • I love working with brands to feature sponsored content that is relevant to both my blog and the brand.  Contact me or see here for rates.
  • If you have a product that suites my personal tastes and you are interested in gifting it to me (I will let you know in advance if it’s a good fit for my lifestyle/normal budget), I would mention it (like I do with all of clothes/accessories/etc) as “Brown Jacket” – courtesy of “Store”. Whether I talk about it further on my blog or in a video is my choice.

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