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How To Have a Bad Ass Hair Day

In my 30+ years of being a woman, I’ve noticed that we tend to focus on our flaws as opposed to our fierceness.  I’ve been guilty of it myself, and it is one of the ickiest feelings.  Well, OGX is ready to go down in beauty history hairstory and turn your bad hair days into Bad Ass Hair Days.

How To Have a Bad Ass Hair Day (sponsored by OGX)

OGX believes that, like you, your hair is one-of-a-kind, beautiful, and to be blunt—totally bad ass. So they’re flipping the conversation. Because when you’re a bad ass, it’s not a bad hair day, it’s a Bad Ass Hair Day.

So exactly how does a girl go about transforming her hair from bad to Bad Ass?  It’s easier than you think.

1. Embrace what is.

Embrace your limitations–whether it’s the weather, your lifestyle or genes.  It’s your reality and the quickest way to bad ass hair is loving it for what it is and making peace with it.  It’s what makes you unique and getting rid of your inner critic will help you get closer to a beautiful solution.  Embracing what it is doesn’t have to mean, not altering your hair but being cool with what you’re working with.

How To Have a Bad Ass Hair Day (sponsored by OGX)

2. It’s all in your head…or IS it?
Sometimes it’s not actually your hairdo that makes for a bad ass hair day.  Sometimes it’s all about the moment.  Did you just run your first 5K, graduate with your Ph.D., flip your wet hair back like Ariel, or pull an all-nighter with a colicky newborn?  Your hair is your crowning glory at that moment, and it can’t help but to radiate your awesomeness.  You go, girl!

How To Have a Bad Ass Hair Day (sponsored by OGX)

3. Take RISKS!

Life’s too short to stay in your comfort zone.  Try an unnatural color, funky style or nontraditional look.  Have fun with your hair and don’t take it too seriously–it’s just hair.  Change is only temporary.

4. Never stop learning.

We are blessed enough to live in the age of the internet where hair tutorials are abundant.  No matter what hair type you have or what style you want to try, someone has been there, done that and posted a video to show you how.  It is GLORIOUS!  Seize the day ladies!

5. Celebrate National Bad Ass Hair Day on May 26th

Now that you know how to achieve hair bad-assery, it’s time to flaunt it all over Instagram and Twitter using the #BadAssHairDay hashtag on National Bad Ass Hair Day (May 26th).  OGX will be posting their own bad ass hair tutorials throughout the day.

How To Have a Bad Ass Hair Day (sponsored by OGX)

Bad ass hair days have less to do with what your hair looks like, what’s more important is that you hair is radiating your true inner essence.  When we truly feel like our best selves, we look pretty bad ass.

Get your selfie sticks ready because OGX is asking women to post their #BadAssHairDay on Instagram and Twitter.  I’ll be posting some #BadAssHairDay challenges of my own @CharmedValerie and can’t wait to see your selfies.

Bad hair days are officially a thing of the past and I couldn’t be more stoked about it!

This post is sponsored by OGX.  All opinions are my own.

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