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How To Have a Bad Ass Hair Day Part 2

Every day is a great day to love your hair.  Life is just too short for bad hair days and instead OGX is empowering us to embrace their Bad Ass Hair Days.  How exactly does a girl go about having a #BadAssHairDay?  I’ve got you covered in my How To Have a Bad Ass Hair Day series (part 1 is here).

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Become an expert.

Think you need to be go to cosmetology school to be an expert on your hair–think again.  Of course it would be awesome to be a legitimately certified hair expert but it’s not necessary.  Chances are if you’re reading this, you have had many many years of experience with your hair.  It may not all be good experience but that comes with the territory.  We now live in the day and age where knowledge on your exact hair type is instantly accessible.  You can learn everything you need to know and become an expert on YOUR hair.  Don’t give up hope and throw in the towel just because you feel like your hair is too curly/frizzy/flat/wild/fine/etc.

Cherish your routine.

Perhaps you’ve gotten in the habit of not prioritizing hair maintenance–it happens to the best of us at some point.  Sometimes we feel like we don’t have time for ourselves because we haven’t made a habit of making it a consistent, enjoyable event.  At least once a month, take some “me time” to go all out with your wash day–do hair masks, treatments, etc that tend to take more time.  Turn on your favorite music, light a few candles and treat it like a DIY in-home spa day.


Have go-to hair styles.

Find a few hair styles that you can totally rock, are on trend and fit your lifestyle.  Look to Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration (example search “easy workout hairstyles”, “mom hairstyles”, “beachy hairstyles” ).  You don’t need to learn a ton, just one or two hairstyles per whatever activities you plan to do.  Your little arsenal of hairstyles will become like a signature style and you can always learn more if/when you get bored.

Anticipate hairy situations.

In the vein of the above tip, except adjusted for when hair disasters strike.  Crap happens, humidity/rain/wind also happen.  It’s part of life and like everything else, Pinterest and YouTube are full of simple tutorials to help you (and your hair) make the best our of hairy situations.

Focus on what you LOVE about your hair.

Look good, feel good.  Feel good, look good.  What you focus on expands so focus on what you love about your hair.

Join a community.

If there was just one thing women could unite about, it’s hair–our crowning glory.  There are as many hair communities as there are hair types.  It is time for all of us to unite, live our lives and love our hair–no matter what.  May 26th is the first annual National Bad Ass Hair and you are invited to OGX’s #BadAssHairDay twitter takeover.  There will be hair tutorials, surprises and more.  Join the revolution.

Join the #BadAssHairDay Movement

This post is sponsored by OGX.  All opinions are my own.

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