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Shades of Pink #ootd

February 13th was one of those “mommy days” where instead of dropping my kids off at school and working–I volunteered at school for 3.75 hours.  It was the day of their Valentine’s Day parties so of course I needed to wear something pink, comfortable, and stylish.
Shades of Pink New Balance Shoes Outfit IdeaI found my statement necklace the day before on the clearance rack at H&M for $1 (which included a pair of statement earrings)!  H&M jewelry quality is not my favorite but at the bargain price of $1, I don’t mind if it breaks in a few days/weeks. 🙂

Shades of Pink New Balance Shoes Outfit IdeaI was totally working my 5-minute makeup.

Shades of Pink New Balance Shoes Outfit IdeaEverything I’m wearing is old except my earrings // jeans // shoes // fitbit flex // fitbit bracelet //

I used to vow to never wear athletic shoes with actual outfits (“athletic shoes are for working out, sneakers are for outfits”) but these pink new balance running shoes are the perfect workout sneaker.  This is my second pair bought in 2015.

Pink New Balance W501 outfit idea


Shades of Pink New Balance Shoes Outfit Idea

Shades of Pink New Balance Shoes Outfit IdeaThere you have it, a stylish, comfortable outfit that is totally kid-proof (whether you have kids or want to play like one for a day).

Here is another time I wore these  jeans with TOMS desert wedges.

TOMS Desert Wedges with Prana Kara Jeans

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