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How To Have Your Best Beauty Makeover

How to have your best beauty makeover at any makeup store.

In-store, FREE (with purchase), customized beauty makeovers (aka make-up application by a professional make-up artist) is one of my favorite ways to learn about make-up.  Beauty products are an investment, extremely personal and since there is no one-product-fits-all approach, I love having an expert to educate me one-on-one.  Learn my savvy shopping makeover tips and tricks in the video below.
VIDEO: How To Have Your Best Beauty Makeover at any makeup store

Most make-up stores require that you make an appointment ahead of time.  My favorite times to get a beauty makeover are in the beginning of a season when there are new color trends that I want to play with.

  • HAVE A GOAL IN MIND.  Wanna learn how a to wear a current trend?  New technique?  How to create a quick everyday look (or a sexy date night look)?  Try natural makeup?  This is your one-on-one time with a makeup artist who wants to help you look your best–take advantage!
  • TAKE NOTES.  TAKE PICTURES.  Record the whole session with your voice memo recorder on your phone if you have to (with the permission of your make-up artist).  Take pictures for your own memory and/or share them on social media to get input and insights from people who know what you normally look like,
  • ASK QUESTIONS AND SPEAK UP.  Do you have specific skin concerns, wondering how to take care of your make-up tools, ask away.  If something doesn’t look the way you want it to–speak up.
  • TRY THE TECHNIQUES YOURSELF.  Ask your make-up artist if it’s okay for you to do part of the make-up application under his/her supervision so that you’re confident in your abilities when it’s time to do it at home.
  • TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.  I normally don’t purchase makeup (especially foundation) until I’ve seen it in a few different indoor/outdoor lighting situations.  Also, take pictures so you can  get an idea of how it photographs on you, ask friends what they think of the look, and to have something to compare to when you try to do it yourself.  Most customized makeovers are complimentary with a certain store purchase amount but I recommend buying a gift card after you’ve done the tip below.
  • ASK FOR SAMPLES. Most in-store/counter makeup artists are more than happy to make samples for you to take home.
  • ASSESS YOUR LOOK THROUGHOUT THE DAY.  How does your makeup look after a few hours?  At the end of the day?  If you know you won’t remember to check your face, set an alarm on your face.  You’re gonna wanna know if certain products disappear from your skin in a few hours, oxidize on your skin, or run down your face.
  • TAKE NOTE OF WHAT YOU CURRENTLY OWN that could be used to create the same look.  You just learned new techniques and chances are that you new knowledge will help your old products look better than ever.
  • SEARCH FOR DUPES.  If all of the products you want won’t fit your budget just yet, search YouTube for dupes by simply using the search term ” (insert product name) dupe” and you’ll see drugstore dupes to the higher end products.
  • CREATE A WISHLIST so you remember the products that you loved.  Read reviews and prioritize which products you want and when.

My favorite places to get my makeup done are Sephora beauty services, Make-Up Forever’s “Make-Up School” at their boutique stores, and Nordstrom Beauty Stylist (they have great in-store beauty trend show events).

I really hope you found this post useful!  Please let me know if you have any questions or tips to add.

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