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Don’t Throw Away That “Empty” Mascara Yet!

Last Saturday, I was in a mascara rut.  I have at least 5 tubes of mascara–all of which were almost all used up and I could barely scrape together a coat of mascara to save my life.  Then I remembered my old lipgloss saver makeup tip and decided to try to see if it would work with mascara.  Here is how that went…
Don't throw away that "empty" mascara yet!

Here is the video tutorial from 3.5+ years ago with a few more details…

VIDEO: Lipgloss Saver: Makeup Tip To Get More Lipgloss (or RapidLash) out of the tube!

Rubber stopper?

A rubber stopper is that round tube in the opening of your lip gloss/mascara, that keeps your applicator from dispensing too much product.   It also keeps your bottle from leaking lip gloss all over your purse.

So basically…

1. remove the cap

2. Take the sharp side of a pair of scissors to pop the rubber stopper out.

3. Swirl the wand inside the mascara tube until you find the nooks and crannies where your excess product is hanging out.

4. Your mascara wand will likely be a goopy/thick/clumpy looking mess so you’ll likely only need a single thick coat.

5. While the mascara is still wet, comb through lashes with either an eyelash comb or just a clean mascara wand.  TIP: even when mascara is empty, I still clean and save the wands that I am fond of for occasions like this.

3. Enjoy your gorgeous lashes!


  • Only do this when the tube is almost empty, otherwise you will have a mess to deal with
  • Evict the tube from your purse and car, it’s new home will be upright on your bathroom counter.

So, that is my totally genius, money-saving, use-every-last-drop, mascara trick.  Be a good girlfriend, and share this (your friends will thank you).

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp

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