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How To Rock Your Boudoir Photo Session

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Boudoir photos are one of the loveliest experiences I’ve had in my life.  I’ve had two boudoir photo sessions before and recommend them to anyone who wants to explore their sexy side.  Since it is that time of year when many women are preparing to surprise their significant other with boudoir photos, I thought I’d offer up some tips to tricks to prepare you to look as foxy as possible from the inside out.

Find a boudoir photographer that you are comfortable with.  All of my photographers have been female friends of mine.  The right boudoir photographer will know exactly how to help you feel like a rockstar goddess supermodel.  Seek recommendations from trusted friends.

Leave your self-consciousness and body insecurities at the door.  This is a normal workday for your boudoir photographer, they’ve seen it all before and both of your goals are to help you look as sexy as humanly possible.

Wear loose clothing on the day of your boudoir photo session.  Avoid tight clothing that will leave lines and indentions in your skin.  I suggest a men’s button down shirt or robe so that you don’t have to pull it over your hair and makeup.

Get yourself in the mood.  Groove your body to music that makes you feel like a goddess (Christina Aguilera’s music does that for me).  Play your music during your boudoir photo shoot.  Read erotic literature.  Do whatever you need to do so that when the time comes for your boudoir photos, you can mentally turn yourself on.  You can’t look sexy without feeling sexy in every cell of your body.

Prepare your body.

Nothing looks sexier than a confident woman.  If you are one of those self-loathing types, I’d like you to pay a visit to my role model Mama Gena who can help you create a “womantra”.  Look in the mirror daily and tell yourself lovely things about yourself (ex. “I am gorgeous.” “I am sexy.” “I am a sexual goddess.”).

When planning what to wear for boudoir photos, think outside the box.  Add jewelry brooches or rosettes to your lingerie.  One of my favorite boudoir outfits involved lace boyshorts with a silky flower pinned to my hip.  A lace scarf can be turned into a mini micro skirt or be tied over a bra to make it look extra glamorous.  I may do a sequel to this post about what to wear, let me know if you need ideas.

Find inspiration.  Have an idea of certain looks that you want to create and poses to try.  Pinterest is good for that.  Also check out hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube if you have to do your own or want to get an idea for your stylist.

Rehearse your sexy looks/poses in the mirror.  You’ll build muscle memory and will be able to know what you look like without a mirror/in front of the camera.

Arrive early, relax, and don’t get too liquored up.  Arriving early goes hand in hand with relaxing.  I’d think that most boudoir photo sessions include wine during you shoot but try not to over-indulge (drink enough to feel a little buzz). 

Here’s video from my Boudoir Photos segment on The Broadcast

Special thanks to my friend Carole of Shot by Carole, who took these pictures of me in 2010.

Have you taken boudoir photos?  Plan to?  Have any additional questions?  Let me know in the comments!

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PHOTO CREDITS: Shot by Carole

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  1. Ooh I have actually been thinking about doing this, I didn’t realize that I’d have to plan clothing and makeup and hair but, duh, of course I would! Definitely would love pointers! Also local recommendations, I’ll probably message you. Thanks for the reminder/encouragement to do it!

  2. How fun is this?! I don’t know a man in the world who wouldn’t want sexy photos of their babe for Valentines Day! Love these recommendations! Now to get the gumption myself!

  3. As a photographer I absolutely love your tips! I will be sending my clients to your page for tips before a photo session! great work!

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