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What To Wear To The Pumpkin Patch

My family is planning to visit the pumpkin patch this weekend and I’m trying to plan what to wear.  Here are a few outfit ideas that are sure to withstand hayrides and look great in pictures.

I put together all of these outfits in H&M’s Dressing Room so all of the clothes are current (Fall 2012) H&M stuff.  I prefer to wear boots to the pumpkin patch because of the terrain (dust, dirt, tall grass).  My main goal is to keep it simple and chic since you’ll have all of the pumpkin patch-y goodness in the background.

Here are a few tips from my previous What To Wear To The Pumpkin Patch post:

Tips on what to wear to the pumpkin patch:

  • Dress comfortably and appropriately! You’ll likely be there for a few hours, in lines, wrangling children, climbing into the hayride tractor, in the heat (if you’re in the South) etc.  Consider this when planning your outfit.  I love skirts as much as the next girl, but the pumpkin patch probably isn’t the best place for them (as a mom).
  • Easy on the orange. You don’t wear white to a wedding, let’s give the pumpkins their due respect.  I say this more for contrast in photos because nobody will notice that you’re holding a pumpkin if you’re also wearing an orange shirt.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses.
  • Keep your hands as free as possible. For pumpkin picking, spare babies, and toddlers that turned down the wagon you offered ;)
  • Easy on the perfume. Bees like pumpkin patches too so don’t try to out fragrance the flowers (and wipe down the kiddos after they eat/drink).

Now bring on the kettle corn and candy apples!  Any advice I forgot to mention?  What do you like to wear to the pumpkin patch?  Let me know in the comments.

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp

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