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How To Style Colored Tights

Colored tights were a big trend last fall and they are back with even more of a vengeance in fall/winter 2012.  Yay!  I think tights are so fun because they are an inexpensive way to be on trend, have fun with your wardrobe, and get some extra usage out of short dresses/skirts when the temperatures drop.  Here’s a follow-up to my How To Wear Colored Tights post (go read it if you haven’t because there is so much information that is still relevant).
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More tips for wearing colored tights:

  • Pay attention to color families that work well together like neutral shades, jewel tones, and color blocking.
  • Match accessories to your tights.
  • Match shoes to your tights to elongate your legs.
  • Add a colorful pop to a neutral toned outfit with colored tights.
  • Pick out a color from a print or pattern in you clothes and match a pair of tights to it.
  • Wear knee (or over the knee) socks in a coordinating shade (above I did this with dark green/kelly green) for and oombre-ish look.

I styled the above looks using H&M super cool Dressing Room tool.  I had so much fun creating outfits and it is a great way to practice styling colored tights.  The yellow fringe boots are by Minnetonka, everything else is H&M.

Did you like this tutorial?  There’s more where that came from in my How To Wear section of Fashion & Style.

What are your personal rules for wearing colored tights?  Do you plan to try wearing colored tights this fall/winter? Do you have any fashion/style related questions you want me to address in a post?  Let me know in the comments (or email/tweet/facebook me).



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