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What We Wore: Family Texas Bluebonnet Pictures

March-April in Texas is when wildflowers take over the fields, highway medians, and any patch of unattended grass.  It is a beautiful beautiful thing really (allergies be damned).  Every year, my son and I have a tradition of taking pictures in a field of bluebonnets (it’s also the official state flower of Texas) and this year the whole family got in on the action for our first professional pictures as a family.  Here are the pictures, what we wore, and how I coordinate outfits for family photography sessions.  All pictures were taken by Sapphyre Photography (who was fundraising to teach photography at a camp in Zambia this summer).

I’m not a fan of matching so we all just kind of coordinate.  A bright mix of colors and personalities.  Baby and I are wearing prints and the big guys are in preppy solids.  My dress is the Eyelash Floral Assymetrical dress from Kohl’s, belt is an oldie, boots are Diba ‘Never Enough’, and leather/gold orange bow clip is H&M.

My beautiful big boy is wearing Chaps (polo, shorts) via Kohl’s as well (it was 50% off when I was shopping).  The brilliant green looks so perfect on him.  You can’t see his sandals but these are them and I’m in love with them (I buy this style for him every spring/summer).

This handsome baby boy is wearing my favorite piece of baby boy clothing.  Jennifer bought it for Mosely when I was pregnant from Janie and Jack.

Handsome husband wears whatever he wants.  After I picked out everyone else’s clothes, I knew he’d have the perfect outfit in his closet.  I just laid out the rest of the family’s clothes and told him to wear solid colors that would play well with our style.  He did good, as usual.  I love that about him.

In true Valerie fashion, I bought all this stuff (big boy’s outfit and my dress) a few hours before the session took place. 🙂

Have you had enough fashion on this glorious Monday?  Probably not.  Check out what other bloggers are wearing and/or link up with What I Wore Wednesday and the Monday Mingle hosted by the gorgeously pregnant Jill aka Glamamom!



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  1. These photos are STUNNING!  Your little men are getting so big.  That list photo is a blow up for sure!

  2. You guys are a gorgeous family. I love that you have this tradition with your son, what a fun thing to do & it will be great to look back on. 

  3. These are wonderful photos!!  Love the field and the beautiful wildflowers!  I’m having serious allergies, too… eyes won’t stop watering! 😛

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