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How To Feel Bikini Perfect in 4 Easy Steps (seriously)

Almost looks like a teaser headline in some cheesy women’s magazine with an accompanying photo-shopped supermodel on the cover but the difference here is the “feel” part which is what is most important for me to share with you.  I love swimwear in general (always have, always will), I love water, I love the things I do while wearing swimwear, and most importantly I love feeling awesome and would really love to share that feeling with YOU.  Right here is where all of your excuses can hang out while you read and attempt to process what I KNOW about bikini confidence and preparing for swimsuit season.  I could write a book on this but I’ll try to be concise so you can get to working on your already-perfect self.  I’ll stick with the Mind, Body, Spirit approach because that is the most simple way for me to organize these thoughts.

1. Lose your MIND.  Seriously.  Unlearn everything you’ve been taught about what other people think is beautiful.  It does not serve you to compare yourself with their ideals.  Just look in the mirror until you realize what a sexy beast you already are. Appreciate the wonderful, miraculous, and amazing things your body has done for you (if you still have something–anything to look at in the mirror, your body deserves praise).  This is the first step to feeling perfect from the inside out, trust me.

2. Nourish and Move your BODY.  Your body is trying to tell you so many things, if only you would listen.

Fill it with wonderful whole foods that are as close to their source/original form as possible.  I eat whatever I want–as in I want to feel amazing and so I eat real food that nourishes me to my core.  Personally, a mostly plant-based diet with occasional bacon and FroYo has been working well for me.  I don’t count calories, I love the Fooducate app, I eat mostly produce and buy grains in bulk (WAY cheaper than processed foods in my experience thus far).  You can learn to prepare almost anything thanks to YouTube, pinterest, and the rest of the internet.  If you want fast food, grab a banana on your way out the door.  Keep a food journal, I’ve combined my love of eating/over-sharing/social media by foodstagramming, Foodspotting, and a public photo album.  I splurge and cheat but when I do, you can bet your ass that I enjoyed it and didn’t beat myself up about it (until I get gassy/bloated/constipated/whathaveyou).

I hate working out in a gym alone and so I don’t.  I love dancing (Just Dance for wii and Zumba for wii), walking, riding my bike, chasing my children, weighted hula hooping, skiing, adventures, jumping (rope or trampoline), boxing, being in nature, and almost anything that involves a group of people working together.  Do what you LOVE (and also happens to burn calories at the same time).  Learn to love things that burn calories ;).  Play like a kid.  Want more? …of course I created a board on Pinterest for Health and Fitness as well.

Oh and if there are ways to fix your bodily issues (like cellulite and stretch marks) start doing that now.  I’ve been using (and loving) Bliss – fat girl slim for years and started testing samples of various stretch mark creams recently (I’ll report back on that experiment when I’m done).

3. The places my mind goes when doing the above is actually the Spirit portion of this quick and dirty “swimsuit confidence” post, which is really about more than that but it got you read this far huh? 🙂

4. Find the swimsuit that works in harmony with your perfections 😉  I could write a book on this subject alone but I’ve already written posts here and here about it AND I [will] “pin” lots of great swimsuit-finding resources on my “swimwear” board on Pinterest.

So…go do all those things and check back with me in a week, month, year, and let me know how perfect you feel in your swimwear.  I double-dog-dare you.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products that I have purchased with my own money and adore enough to share with you.  Perhaps I can earn enough money to buy myself the 6 lb weighted hula hoop?


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