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Watch Out World: My “Wifey” is in Town

My best friend/wifey/soul sister is in town. We’ve known each since 4th grade and been best friends since our freshman year in high school. We’ve lived hundreds of miles away from each other for years and sometimes go months without talking to each other but when we get together it’s just like old times–we don’t skip a beat.

What makes our friendship work so well? We’re always tolerant of each others’ differing views and quick to forgive because we understand the value of this bond we have. Also? We’re willing to make sacrifices for the good of the other person….

Lest you forget the types of shopping shenanigans we get into when we’re together…

(in case you can’t see the video below here’s a link)

I like to try to add value with every post I write (kind of a resolution for me) so I’d like to advise you to do your best to find your own soul sister/brother-from-another-mother/bestie.  The best way to do that is to be the kind of friend you want to have.  Simple.

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp

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