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Spring 2012 Cosmetics Trend Show at Nordstrom Galleria Dallas #BeautyLive

As part of the Galleria Dallas Beauty Live festivities, I was invited to Nordstrom’s Spring 2012 Cosmetics Trend Show. The event was designed to showcase the latest and greatest innovations in cosmetics, highlight trends, and educate shoppers during their high energy “Beauty Getaway”. The information, advice, and demonstrations were overwhelming (in the best way!) and so this post will be part of a series filled with pictures, videos, and interviews from the best makeup artist and brands in the world. I can’t tell you how excited I am to let you experience Beauty Live through my eyes. I can really appreciate when stores don’t want to just take my money–they want to make sure that I love what I spent it on.

I’m not normally one to wake up before 10am on a Saturday but I excitedly hopped out of bed, got baby ready, and met my mom at the Galleria at 7am. Glad I’m not the only person crazy enough to get to the mall before the sun is even up.

Here is Dallas Diva–Farah (isn’t she so super stylish!), baby Rocco, and I (first time I’ve worn my white CAbi jeans this season/post-pregnancy).  Baby boy is in my AngelPack LX (I’ve had that bad boy since my oldest was 5 months old, over 4 years ago).

Galleria Dallas Beauty Live

The actual show was quite spectacular, lively, and visually exciting, the closest you can come to a “Beauty Getaway” in Dallas.  They organized the Beauty Essentials into 3 Scenes and the models strutted around while experts introduced their best of the best beauty products for spring.

Fellow Dallas bloggers, my “assistant” mother, and adorable baby all sat front row and I “live tweeted” everything as fast as humanly possible (Rocco passed out during Scene 2….figures).

Baby's 1st Front Row experience!

I learned about some of the very best beauty product picks of the season and then narrowed down the most essential of the essentials and plan to showcase each in future blog posts this week (most with a coordinating video starring an industry expert).

I’m just getting to a point in my life where I can fully appreciate quality products that truly deliver and I can REALLY appreciate products that are functional and will make my skin look years younger instantly (oh-KAY?).  You’d better believe that I’ve been inspecting and side-by-side comparing everything to make sure that you really do get what you pay for.

Chantecaille donates a percentage of the proceeds from it's Coral Reefs Eye Palette to save actual coral reefs.

Anyway, look forward to the week ahead with more coverage/education from the entire Beauty Live event (and this week I’ll also be dedicating at least 1 post per day of fashion/beauty related to The Hunger Games….and my big interview with the stars).

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