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Pinterest-ing Decor Ideas

This weekend my husband played (and took second place) in an annual tennis tournament at The Lakes Tennis Academy in Frisco, TX.  The Lakes just happens to be one of my favorite tennis watching venues and also just happens to have the most amazing little (not-just-tennis-stuff) boutique.  This knit crocheted headband seen here and here was bought there and this was what I wore at last year’s tournament (little did you guys know, I was hiding a baby bump under that Kenzie top).

I digress–that boutique is the bomb and in addition to great clothes and whathaveyou, it has very creative decor.  Decor that I wanted to remember (and pin on Pinterest), so I took pictures (I do the same thing with outfits in store displays).  When inspiration hits, always ALWAYS always take pictures.

20120301-112947.jpgThis is just your average decorative picture frame EXCEPT it’s been repurposed as a chalkboard!  How cool is that?!  I assume you could just paint the glass with chalk board paint OR put fabric/scrapbook paper behind the glass and turn it into a dry erase board.  I like this because I have some gorgeous unused frames from my apartment as a single women that this would be perfect for!

20120301-113004.jpgCan you tell that’s a YARN canopy?  There were other places in the store where yarn was also used as curtains.  I have boxes sand boxes of yarn that this would work for.  I think it would also be a great idea for party decor.

20120301-113036.jpgThis idea was one of my favorites.  A glass tray or plate on a plate stand as a dry erase board–genius!  I’ve used plate stands from Dollar Tree in party decor but I’d never thought of this.

20120301-113051.jpgHere are 2 ideas: 1) rosettes as magnets and 2) tying scarves to a rod to display or store them.  I love the rosette magnets because I’ve seen  many tutorials on making rosettes and I’ve found rosette brooches and clips on clearance that would be perfect for this–just stick a magnet on back.  Perfect to add some spring to your refrigerator!

20120301-113101.jpgA vintage suitcase as a way to display earring/accessories.  This would be fun if you want to incorporate your accessories into your decor.

I am not being overdramatic at all when I say that Pinterest has been life-changing for me.  I have put off decorating my home for years because I didn’t know how but now I’ve been able to re-purpose things we already have into functional decor.  I feel like our house is becoming a home and I’m learning to be my own organizer/decorator.  So exciting and I can’t wait to share my projects with you in a future post!

What do you think of these DIY decorating ideas? 

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp

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  1. I use a carry on size suit case in my closet to organize purses. It comes in handy when moving just zip up and go. 

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