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An Honest Critique of Fashion Star on NBC cc: @NBCFashionStar #FashionStar @JeannieMai

As a huge Project Runway fan, I was really excited to see a prime time fashion designer reality show in NBC’s Fashion Star.  I especially especially love the added twist of real buyers of some of my absolute favorite stores and ACCESSIBLE  fashion that would be available to regular consumers like me the next day (Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson were a huge bonus as well–super huge).  But…would there be clothing that was actually wearable and distinguishable enough to really appeal to the average person AND make for a visually appealing television show?  Let me break it down….seriously (this is going to be my own personal focus group because I know that this network and retailers is highly invested in people like me enjoying the show and I really want the show to be a success for all involved as well).

For starters, the promo pictures are WAY too photoshopped.  The Host and Mentors barely resemble their naturally beautiful selves.

jessica simpson, nicole richie

To be perfectly honest….had it not been for Nicole Richie’s interesting choices in hair accessories, I would have turned off the tv within the first 5-8 minutes.  The microscopic background stories didn’t really make me want to root for anyone, the fashion was totally uninspiring (I wouldn’t have bought it off the clearance rack) but then the judging started.

In theory–I hate judging but in this scenario, it’s necessary and I think in the long run it will be good for the emerging designers to get constructive criticism from the most important people in the industry and continue to tweak their work and develop a true style.  At first, I thought Jessica Simpson was going to do the whole ‘silly blonde’ thing but boy is she sharp!  I am pleasantly unsurprised though because the brand that bears her name is consistently the best clothing/shoe/accessories line I’ve ever seen from a celebrity (who wasn’t really super fashionable herself back in her previous reality show heyday).   They started off stale but then the team of judges and buyers started to warm up and I really got a sense of their good chemistry.  Nicole Richie’s vag comment made me reminisce about The Simple Life days when her wit and sense of humor stole the show from Paris Hilton.  They make a pretty hilarious team but the fact that they were also seeking to inspire the designers made me sit back and settle in to enjoy the show.

Was I the only person who was confused by the format of this show?  About an hour in, there was this real ‘hot mess’ kinda moment when 4 more designers were shown and and the buyers bought there stuff but they flew through it so quickly that I thought I was a preview for the next week.

I did like the game show setting–obviously hoping for mass commercial appeal (moreso than Project Runway but I think Project Runway is more likely to groom an emerging designer to make waves in the community because it seeks to inspire their creativity by forcing them to flex their creative fashion design muscles.  I also like the buyers.  Ever since I attended WWDMAGIC last year courtesy of Teen Vogue, I’ve taken a real interest in the people who get to pick out our clothes before we do.

As a socially savvy viewer/influencer, I would have liked to see a hashtag on the screen during the entire show.  It tells me that you’re interested in listening to my feedback and connecting me with other like-minded viewers who are talking about the show in real time as well–sure, I’ll do my research to find the hashtag but it would behoove you to make it easy on me/us 😉 @NBCFashionStar #FashionStar



P.S. What’s with the 90 minute show NBC?  Could’ve easily edited out those early boring designs and made a nice, exciting hour long show…IMO.

P.P.S.- please share your opinion in the comment section AND share it using your social networks so that our voices can be heard 🙂

P.P.P.S. – I really would have loved to see more of Jeannie Mai.

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  1. Interesting…I’m a Project Runway addict and have been since Season 1, Episode 1. I’m deep into All Stars right now. I thought JS did an okay job as a guest judge on that show. I’d be curious about this show but I’m not show to my DVR right now. And between PR and Dance Moms, my husband might rebel!

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