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What I Wore: Dallas Stars Game with The Fam

Last night our family went to the Dallas Stars game.


It was the perfect time for baby boy to wear the little Dallas Stars romper that I found for $1 at a local consignment store.  The big boy’s jersey was found on clearance at Walmart (yes, I can’t help but brag because bargain shopping makes me giddy).

I didn’t have time to make myself an upcycled team infinity scarf but I was decked out in green and gold.  No official “outfit shot” but I wore the exact same distressed skinny jeans/olive tights/over-the-knee boots combo as I did earlier this week.  I also had on this bright green long sleeved tee under a longer (lengthwise) olive nursing tank, a cream colored cable knit sleeveless vest, and gold accessories.


It was Rocco’s first hockey game EVER and I’m quite certain that he loved it.  His eyes were glued to the ice and lights the entire time.



The Stars beat the Flames and we celebrated the best way I know how….


with liqueur (Disaronno Amaretto and Bailey’s Irish Cream) in CHOCOLATE shot glasses (mine is the white chocolate, see this recipe if you are a fan of white chocolate as well).

We had an amazing time, thanks to our friends for inviting us!

Oh and since I never posted it before and now seems like as good a time as any, here is a video from about 2 years ago when my oldest son was the Dr. Pepper Stick Kid.  Ever since that day, Mike Ribeiro has been my absolute favorite Stars player (and my son still thinks he’s a close personal friend).  Thanks again to my buddy Jeff for that hook-up!

**Oh and in case you’ve noticed (or not, you may not be reading this on my actual blog) I’m working on redesigning it. I was getting so tired of seeing the old design and wanted something fun, fresh, modern, and simple. What do you think? Still a work in progress…

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