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“Pinned” and Babbled Last Week

A crafty DIY tutorial for organizing flip flops in your closet. GENIUS!


I am officially a Pinterest addict, here are some great style, beauty, fashion related things I’ve pinned in the last week or so….

A cheap, easy, functional, and adorable way to Organize Your Flips Flops.

DIY Wrap-turned-Scarf tutorial that is as chic as it is easy (uses one piece of fabric and about 2 minutes of your time).  Perfect for fall!

Got some old t-shirts lying around?  Turn them into stylish headbands with this tutorial.

This simple, fashionable, relaxed outfit?  Perfect for throwing on at a moment’s notice this fall.

4 Creative Ways To Store Jewelry, the basket earring display is my favorite.  I like when organization can double as art.

Newspaper nail art!  All you need is nail polish, newspaper, and alcohol.


In Valerie’s pregnancy news…..

Fashion Haul Video: Baby Edition!  This time everything is consignment (and tiny!).

Something you probably don’t know about me–I have a phobia and it is quite incompatible with being pregnant.

An inspirational video filled with words of wisdom from moms to their pregnant selves.

At 8.5 months pregnant, I do NOT waddle–I just have swagger.  Video Proof.

Lastly, how tragic would it be to lose all of your memory and messages from facebook and twitter?  Learn a cheap and easy way to back-up your memories into a searchable digital journal.

So there you have it–goodness, goodness, and more goodness.  Click away!

Have you read anything interesting on the Internets lately?  Let me know in the comments.

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp

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