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How To Wear Your Husband’s Sweater

As if I don’t have enough clothes of my own, lately I’ve been lustily looking at my husband’s sweaters and today I could not resist any longer.   This look would also be perfect for those days when you’re feeling bloated or a cute maternity look.

I’m not sure what’s up with my pose, I was just dancing and while my self-timer was shooting.

sweater Old Navy | jeans Forever 21 | scarf H&M (learned to tie it here) | ballet flats Target

Advice On Wearing Your Husband’s Sweater

  • Don’t wear it if it’s over-the-top humongous or terribly unflattering.
  • Look like a lady in other areas of your outfit.
  • Balance proportions by wearing a slimmer fitting pant, leggings, or skirt.

Do you wear your husband’s clothes? Think it’s a fashion DO or DON’T?  Let me know in the comments!

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp desires to live a stylish, soulful, charmed life while inspiring you to do the same. She's exceptionally resourceful, creative, passionate, and has been known to bust a move in the aisle of the grocery store.
Valerie Rowekamp



8 Responses to How To Wear Your Husband’s Sweater

  1. I wish i could wear my hubbys sweaters but they would fall into the humongous category as he is in a size 2x in all his shirts. He literally has the shoulders of a linebacker bc he was one time.. Oh well cute idea though!

  2. I wear some of my husband’s sweaters, some of the time. Only when the fit is right for the look. Also, this is more convenience than fashion, but when it rains and I have to go out with the baby, I put her in the Ergo and put my husband’s waterproof windbreaker on because it’s big enough to zip up over the baby. And I wear one of my big splurge items — Pucci rainboots — to style up the look a bit; although, a cute baby is one of the best accessories 🙂

  3. You’re my new favorite go-to fashion site. Love how you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look great! Thanks for the tips (and thank God for H&M coming to Dallas finally)

  4. I have been eyeing my hubby’s thermals lately… I think it would look great with a maxi!

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