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Fall/Winter 2010 Trend: FUR

The fur trend is one that gets me really really excited for Winter 2010.  I LOVE the look of fur (and wear it whether it’s considered “hot” or “not”).  Please don’t call PETA on me because I’m all faux, all the time.  Fur looks cozy, stylish, and luxe when done properly.  In all honesty, I love real fur whether it’s on a jacket or a cuddly creature but it’s expensive and unnecessary considering how pretty the fake stuff is.

Tips for wearing faux fur

  • Stick to natural colors. I’ve seen gorgeous real fur that looks good in every shade of the rainbow but I have yet to see much decent-looking unnaturally-colored faux fur.  When I say “natural”, I mean….are there actual animals that color?
  • If you feel it’s too “showy”, go small. Fur might feel a little intimidating but if you’d like to dip your little toe in this trend, just start with fur ear muffs and work your way up to a handbag or scarf.
  • Brush your fur. Keep your fur looking good by taking care of it.
  • Accessorize your fur.  Add a pop of color with a purple shoes or a red belt.  Bling it out with a vintage brooch.
  • Pet it. If you’re at a store scoping out a fur piece, pet it and scan the area it’s located in to see if it’s shedding.  Also check out it’s friends to know whether or not it’s a “quality” item or “quality” enough to get you through the season.

For Craftinistas….

Erica Domesek over at P.S.-I made this made THIS awesome-tastic faux fur vest and you can too (I’m going to)!

P.S.-I Made This….Faux Fur Vest

Shop Faux Fur

Here is a compilation of some of my favorite fur pieces.  Click any item to take you to it’s retailer.

Fall/Winter 2010 Trend: Fur
Charlotte Russe, Asos, Nine West, Charlotte Russe

So.  How do you feel about the fur trend?  Love it, hate it, think it’s “too much”?  Have you spotted a stylish furry find that I need to know about? Tell me about it in the comments.

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