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{Reader Request} What To Wear To The Pumpkin Patch

**Updated 2012 version What To Wear To The Pumpkin Patch  Going to the pumpkin patch in October is one of our favorite fall activities.  I loved visiting the pumpkin farm as a kid and enjoy taking my son (and snapping lots and lots of pictures).  Here are some tips and inexpensive, stylish options on what to wear that are hayride-proof and will hopefully encourage us moms to get in front of the camera.

Kim wants to know what to wear to a pumpkin patch and other fall activities.

Tips on what to wear to the pumpkin patch:

  • Dress comfortably and appropriately! You’ll likely be there for a few hours, in lines, wrangling children, climbing into the hayride tractor, in the heat (if you’re in the South) etc.  Consider this when planning your outfit.  I love skirts as much as the next girl, but the pumpkin patch probably isn’t the best place for them (as a mom).
  • Easy on the orange. You don’t wear white to a wedding, let’s give the pumpkins their due respect.  I say this more for contrast in photos because nobody will notice that you’re holding a pumpkin if you’re also wearing an orange shirt.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses.
  • Keep your hands as free as possible. For pumpkin picking, spare babies, and toddlers that turned down the wagon you offered 😉
  • Easy on the perfume. Bees like pumpkin patches too so don’t try to out fragrance the flowers (and wipe down the kiddos after they eat/drink).

Fall Activity Outfits

All pieces are under $30, the purple top is maternity, the green top/gray jeans are plus-size.

I choose henley-style tops because they are lightweight (for those of us in warmer climates) or you could look for a thermal henley if it’s cold.  The boots will insure that your toes and ankles are safe from whatever is lurking in that pumpkin farm grass.  The hip-slung crossbody bags are perfect for your camera, smartphone, diapers, and any other essentials.  The scarf...because scarves are awesome.  And a rockin’ cuff bracelet because every outfit needs a “wow” piece.

What To Wear To The Pumpkin Patch
Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Asos, Old Navy
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What do you think?

Did you like this post? Are you heading to the pumpkin patch this October? What do you plan to wear? Any tips or tricks I forgot to mention? I’d love for you to leave a comment!

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Valerie Rowekamp

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  1. I think you are brilliant! Love the tips especially about NOT wearing an orange shirt….LOL! I have all the basic pieces in my closet, but love the accessories you chose. Off to shop….the boots and cuff bracelet. You ROCK! Thanks!

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