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Fashion Haul (ACL Fest & #TypeAMom Conference Shopping)

I’ll be leaving for Asheville on Thursday and here is some shopping that I did to fill some blank spaces in my wardrobe.  My sister is making a cameo with some of the duds she bought for ACL Fest.  Here we share our loot and offer up some Fall Fashion/Sale/Shopping Tips.  Enjoy!!!

More to come as I’m packing and stuff.

I also started photo-blog on chictopia….check it out.

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp desires to live a stylish, soulful, charmed life while inspiring you to do the same. She's exceptionally resourceful, creative, passionate, and has been known to bust a move in the aisle of the grocery store.
Valerie Rowekamp



3 Responses to Fashion Haul (ACL Fest & #TypeAMom Conference Shopping)

  1. First off, I love Mosely’s running commentary in the background. I think you should have highlighted what he was wearing! Also, you sister’s expressions were priceless! It was awesome. I would love for her to post a video and if she doesn’t want to commit full-time, maybe she can do a once a week guest blog post for you! Natalie’s corner or something. LOVE IT!

    BTW, do you think I can get away with that everyday skirt while pregnant? I think maybe, especially w/ that fold over band, maybe, maybe?

  2. That’s a good idea B! I’ll see if I can talk Nat into it. She ONLY gets on the internet to check her email *GASP* but she’s so artsy and cool that I think it’s a shame to keep it all to herself.

    About the everyday skirt, I think it would be perfect while pregnant. I plan on doing another video/post about the various multiple personalities of the skirt. It is SO fun and can be different lengths and stuff too. The foldover band is actually bigger than a waistband should be (I have to put a belt over it if its folded up).

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