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5 Fashion Tips To Stylishly “Throw On” Clothes

We all have those days right?

Hot mess days when you just need to run to the store or school drop-off before climbing back in bed.

This morning my son woke up with the beginnings of a cold and I was in desperate need of allergy meds.  In lieu of PJs, I decided to attempt comfort, ease, and style with this outfit:

Some hints for throwing on clothes are as follows:

1. Throw on a hat/headband and run a brush through your hair.

2. Oversized sunglasses can hide a multitude of sins while still looking stylish!

3. Dress to compliment your body type NO MATTER WHAT.

4. Cool, funky sneakers are your friend.

5. When you create a cute, easy outfit, snap a picture with your cell phone or jot it down and adhere to the wall in your closet.  This will make your next hot mess experience easier to deal with because you won’t even have to think about “what to throw on”.

Honestly, I think NOT looking like a total trainwreck made me feel better because as soon as my meds started working, I was able to hit the ground running.

Leave a comment and let me know what you like to wear when you are feeling “less than”.

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp desires to live a stylish, soulful, charmed life while inspiring you to do the same. She's exceptionally resourceful, creative, passionate, and has been known to bust a move in the aisle of the grocery store.
Valerie Rowekamp



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  1. What about hot mess mommy moments when you haven’t done your laundry in 3 weeks because you had a horrendous washer-dishwasher-kitchen sink flood/drain issue and you’ve outgrown your “normal” clothes. 🙁 I looked a hot mess with a fuschia yoga tank and a khaki skirt. That was all that was clean…Probably should’ve thrown on hubby’s long basketball shorts and I could’ve worked those as capri’s huh?

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