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How To Wear Belts: The Transformative Power Of Belting

Sally McGraw show us the benefits of belting

How to wear belts.  I have recently fallen in love with belting and all of the wonderful ways a belt can transform your look.

Here are a few outfit posts where belts transformed the look of my outfit:

Then I recently saw this incredibly informative post by Sally McGraw of Already Pretty about What Belting Can Do For You.

Seeing her working those wrap belts made me really


lusty for one and so (as always) I turned to my fashion search engine found exactly what I was looking for (yay!).

Here they are (please don’t bum rush Asos because I haven’t placed my order yet!) 😉

Click any item to to take you to the retailer, all belts are under $25

Valerie Rowekamp

Valerie Rowekamp

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3 Responses to How To Wear Belts: The Transformative Power Of Belting

  1. I don’t have many belts, I’ve never really thought about how they can change up an outfit before. I need to start implementing this though, I travel a lot and always look for ways to change up my work outfits.

  2. My friend sent me a Facebook message on this post saying that it made her think of me – and boy was she right! I now have three new belts to add to my collection! Thanks so much for the fantastic post (and inspiring my new belted wardrobe)!

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